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By Ashish Kumar
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Social Media Giant LINE announced its arrival in the non-fungible token (NFT) market. The company revealed that it will launch its comprehensive marketplace “LINE NFT” on April 13. The marketplace will be associated with 17 major organisations including Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings. Line’s major company Z holdings is also entering the same market and will release its global NFT platform “DOSI” on April 19.

LINE marketplace to sell over 100 types of NFTs

NFT adoption has seen rapid growth this year as many major industry players have announced their plans regarding the digital assets and virtual market.

Established in 2018, LINE Blockchain Lab focuses on providing a platform where developers can register and issue NFTs, and build services. The company also provides a ‘LINE BITMAX Wallet’ to the users which they can use to store digital assets. However, it is only possible to exchange NFTs with the users registered on LINE. The platform aims to support and sells more than 100 types of NFTs.

The company mentioned its future plans to give NFT grants as purchase benefits and integrate the whole network with the digital assets. Meanwhile, it also added that ‘Yoshimoto NFT Theater’ and ‘Yoshimoto Stamp NFT’ will go on sale after the launch of the marketplace.

As per the release, till now these companies and contents are participating in the launch:

Best options
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Cold Wallet
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  • Entertainment: JR East Japan Marketing & Communications, TV Asahi, Yoshimoto Kogyo
  • Sports: B.LEAGUE, J League Trading Soccer, Kohei Uchimura
  • Game: Square Enix
  • Anime: Mobile Police Patlabor
  • Artist: Nissy
  • Characters: Usagyun! / Minto Inc, Gyunyu, GIFMAGAZINE, Betakuma / Minto Inc, Yashiro Azuki, Yoshi Stamp
  • Event: I wish it was midnight all the time, Dwango

Meanwhile, Z Holdings, a subsidiary of Softbank, will go live in 180 countries with DOSI. The company aims to do this by the first quarter of 2022. However, the platform cannot be accessed in the countries Russia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines due to licensing restrictions.

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