Saturday, May 21, 2022
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The cryptoverse is trembling from the cold waves of the recent market corrections. Which have slashed valuations of multiple cryptos in the market. While multiple digital coins have been crawling to reinitiate greener numbers. The space still holds certain cryptos which have been running away from the market trends.

Cardano has been making startling moves in recent times, with the number of adoptions, developments, DeFi, and metrics.

The seventh largest cryptocurrency is currently the only asset amongst the top-10 cryptos that has been portraying greener numbers. Amidst the bustle, speculations are rife of a possible team-up with Samsung for development of NFTs, and dApps.

Are The Metrics In Line For Cardano’s Bull Run?

Cardano network has been registering startling metrics off-late. According to sources the TVL of the platform is currently at about $1.85 M. The volumes have been rising at a steady pace since the third of the month, the present score is an impressive $4,451,220,470.46. 

While the total transaction is projecting an impressive linear spike with 25,584,913, as of 6th January. The transactions / payments per day metrics suggests that the transactions and payments have been spiking in symphony. While the transaction count is at 130,184, the count of payments is at 339,261.

Cardano has been continuing its legacy at development fronts, with 67 active repos, Cardano is the most active project till date. There are 106 releases on public repos and 38k Github commits.

With multiple DeFi and dApps under testing, the protocol has been garnering interests of geeks in the fraternity. In addition, Cardano Cube is a platform that has been helping in keeping track of who is building on the network. 

On the contrary, speculations are rife that Samsung could team-up with the makers of Cardano. To bring in NFTs on their TVs, and dApps to their smartphones.

Samsung’s alliance with Veritree has influxed massive interests of savvies over the Cardano blockchain. Successively, partisans have pinned hawk’s eye on Samsung U.S and Cardano. And have been noticing healthy engagements on the web.

Summing up, the buzz around the electronics giant has escorted massive publicity for Cardano. The speculations if materialized, coupled with the growing metrics.

And environmental initiatives could pave the way for a bullish odyssey towards $4 in near future. On the other hand, the space has also been spectating users from Ethereum coming into the Cardano network. Which is a bullish sign for the seventh-largest crypto. 

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