Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Kadena Price is Set to Explode

The beginning of the year 2022 could be pretty exciting for some coins. Most of the altcoins are pre-programmed for a massive rally. One among them is the Kadena(KDA) price which appears to have framed the upcoming rally. The asset could gain huge bullish momentum to undergo a massive rally to hit a minimum of $50 in Q1 2022. 

The KDA price is reaching the apex of a symmetrical triangle in the short term. And hence a notable breakout is quite possible as the buying volume appears to have been accelerated to some extent. The asset needs to surpass the initial resistance at $13.5 that could initiate a trend reversal. Further on achieving and sustaining above the resistance around $16 may ignite a decent uptrend. Finally surpassing the levels in between $18 to $20 could ignite a bull rally that may surge to hit $50 in the upcoming days. 

THETA Price Feared to Visit Lower Levels

Theta token from the past couple of days is following a notable downtrend and hence may continue to visit lower levels forming lower lows. Furthermore, the asset could reach strong support levels around $3 and may continue to decline. The THETA price may attempt a rebound but could lag strength and hence could eventually fail to break out of consolidation. 

THETA price faces rejection on its path to slice through the downtrend line for the third consecutive time. And hence the mounting selling pressure indicates the asset may not be held upon the strong support levels too. And hence could plunge down very close to $2 and find a notable rebound. However, despite a decent trend reversal, the asset may not achieve higher levels as the rally appears to be pretty weak where-in the sellers appear to be pretty strong. 

Collectively, two popular tokens in the crypto space which marked their presence with their magnificent jumps, are signaling a contrast price trend. While Kadena(KDA) price is expected to surge to its next level, THETA price may showcase an extremely opposite trend. However, the year 2022 could be more exciting and thriving and hence THETA price also may gain bullish momentum very soon. 

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